Personalized Body Elixers

We at SoulSpa revel in the delicious aromas and healing properties of the plant kingdom.  doTERRA means "Gift of the Earth." We want to give this gift to you! With every massage you will be lathered from head to toe with your own personalized doTERRA essential oil elixir, crafted by your practitioner at no extra cost. This is included in all of our services if desired. Come early to your appointment to make sure we are selecting the oils that will benefit you the most.

COMING SOON in 2020!!! Healing Essential Oil Treatments

30 Min Essential Oil Treatment... $40 / Only $20... When Added to a Treatment

 We are thrilled to soon offer specific essential oil clinical application treatments to help address many underlying health issues. You may add this to a treatment from our menu for $20 or enjoy it on it's own for $40. This requires 30 minutes and includes 10-15 min of "down time" to allow the oils to sink in and work their magic.