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Jamie Oberg

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Jamie loves to go deep into holding space for people. Her background in cranial sacral integration, Reiki, and Tuning Forks, and her deep connection and relationship with the spirit realm, allows for a wonderful cultivation in energy work.

This is a time were people are encouraged to be still and go within to connect with their own angel allies, spirit, and inner truth. Clients are lead into a very relaxing meditative and somewhat hypnotic state. When we open ourselves up to listening with the inner ear to the wisdom of the body, beautiful and even profound things may be revealed. Healing Touch is powerful and can be used as a tool to reset, release, reprogram, unwind, unblock, and promote balance in one's life. This work is highly effective in bringing a sense of calm and peace and helps to strengthen and heal the nervous system. Energy work can help to propel a person on their personal path in the direction they want to go.

Marina Cordova


Marina's Reiki sessions include tapping into the energetic body by getting you into a trance with a quiet mind. This can be solely for a Reiki session or during a massage. She then begins to work with the energy bodies to release any non-serving energy that is being held onto while also amplifying energies that do serve you. 

Her intention for Reiki sessions is to release stress, emotion, and/or tension being held in the body on a cellular level. Leaving you feeling lighter & more balanced mentally, emotionally & physically.

Tabitha Gardner



Tabitha’s spiritual calling is to use Shamanic Medicine to help people move through the human experience. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, who studied ancient Peruvian energy healing through The Four Winds Society. Her sessions help with healing trauma, reducing anxiety & depression, releasing the bonds of the past and reframing how you see your life. Tabitha has had a private practice for five years and has helped many people move through their big life transitions.

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