SoulSpa Massage Haven & Guest Suites Founders

Jamie Oberg ~ Owner, Massage Therapist, Wellness Advocate, Visionary


Trained & certified in many modalities, Jamie draws from each intuitively through her sessions. Her main focus is to provide heartfelt therapeutic services and experiences that uplift and weave connection. She believes that massage is powerful and a missing link in peoples lives. She encourages her clients to discover why & to value themselves enough to say yes. Jamie is driven by passion and purpose to help people. She is an advocate for self love and self care. She loves managing the spa end of the business along with creating a platform for other healing artists to spread their wings and soar. She hopes that SoulSpa will be an everlasting source of healing medicine and inspiration for her community and to all. 

She is very proud of what is happening here and hopes that you will be one of our 

patrons very soon!

Matthew Oberg ~ Owner, Property Caretaker, Guest Suites Host, Artist


Matthew beautifies the land here on our property. He has been a landscape artist & earth worker for many years. He is often willingly pulled in many directions to maintain and manage all of our interior and exterior house issues. He has a passion for art creations of many forms and has big plans for an art forum that will be an outlet for himself as well as others. He is our force behind the juice elixir bar as well. If you book one of our suites you will meet Matthew. We call him our calming cup for obvious reasons.

Carol Souders ~ Owner, Retired Professional, Guest Suites Co-Host Decorator


Carol, Jamie's mom, is a retired educator. For her entire professional career she was a high school guidance counselor at 2 local High Schools. She was a foster mom for 15 years and fostered more than 70 youth. Currently retired, she spends her leisure time attending grandchildren's sports games and traveling with her friends. Carol has a natural gift in decorating. It is a hobby that she thoroughly enjoys. She has dressed and suited all of our 4 Guest Suites on the property. They are charming to say the least! Perfect for your next event or vacation get away. It has been rewarding for Carol to join her daughter and son in law in making their 

SoulSpa dream a reality.

Katelyn Heywood



This full of zest Pisces is here for you! Katelyn has started her path to healing right here in Reno. Her whole world has opened up because of it. Massage and Reiki brings meaning and purpose to her soul. She is drawn to connection, releasing pain body energy, providing a safe place, is intuitive, has a nurturing touch and helps the body and mind to set at ease propelling resilience so people can function on the daily with more balance and peace. She is deeply passionate about everyone's self care journey and wants to be apart of it. Katelyn practices a range of modalities including, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Mixed Modality, Reiki and Chakra balancing. She understands the importance of injury recovery programs and is effective and delicate in this ongoing process. 

Katelyn is a momma to a toddler so her days off are always filled with love and adventure! She enjoys going to Reggae Festivals, spending days in Tahoe and going camping! Come see for yourself why we love her! 

Melissa Wiseman



Melissa's favorite massage to give is called Amna. A massage supporting a long life that follows the direction of the meridians through your body to balance the  mind, body & spirit. Sore spots that show up in the body tend to cause congestion and compromised connective tissue. We need to move and dissolve these areas of congestion in order to remind the body to heal itself. Whether it's a Deep Tissue to work out the kinks or a relaxing soft tissue massage, Melissa always tries to give the massage she hopes to receive. Everyone needs regular touch in their life. 

Learn why our clients love Melissa!

Brenda Mortara



  Brenda's passion for massage comes from her recognition of how healing and revitalizing receiving massage has been in her own life. She believes that when we unwind from the busy pace of life, we have the opportunity to tap into a calm and quiet place within where self growth, awareness, and healing can take place. Brenda aims to meet people where they are, and offer the unique massage that their body needs and craves. Brenda also works as a licensed dietitian and a certified yoga instructor.   

Discover why our clients love Brenda!

Tabitha Gardner



Tabitha’s spiritual calling is to use Shamanic Medicine to help people move through the human experience. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, who studied ancient Peruvian energy healing through The Four Winds Society. Her sessions help with healing trauma, reducing anxiety & depression, releasing the bonds of the past and reframing how you see your life. Tabitha has had a private practice for five years and has helped many people move through their big life transitions. 

Find out more about her sessions on our Soul work menu.

This could be what you're missing.

Mallory King



 Massage is more than a career for Mallory, it is an opportunity for her to be of service to her fellow human family. She is dedicated to learning about how to help you come back to center and feel at ease in your body. She is always client centered and approaches the table with a strong and gentle presence that invites trust and surrender. She offers an integrative bodywork session custom to your needs that pulls from several modalities she was introduced to in her program including deep tissue, shiatsu, polarity, trigger point therapy, active isolated stretching and Swedish. She continues to study and practice energy work and is always looking to expand upon her knowledge of anatomy. In her off time, Mallory loves to explore space-time through dance and connect to nature through gardening, hiking and camping.