Jamie Oberg, Owner

Jamie Oberg: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, Pain Relief & Recovery, Reiki & Energy


 Trained and  certified in many modalities, Jamie draws from each intuitively through her sessions. Her main focus is to provide heartfelt therapeutic services and experiences that uplift and weave connection. She believes that massage is powerful and a missing link in peoples lives. She encourages her clients to discover why and to value themselves enough to say yes. Jamie is driven by passion and purpose to help people. She is an advocate for self love and self care. She loves managing the spa end of the business along with creating a platform for other healing artists to spread their wings and soar. She hopes that SoulSpa will be an everlasting source of healing medicine and inspiration for her community and to all. She is very proud of what is happening here and hopes that you will be one of our patrons very soon!


Lisa Manss

Lisa Manss  10 yrs experience, PCA  & Board certified. We think she gives the best facials in Reno.


This loving and bright Nevada native is helping take our spa to the next level. Lisa is a board certified aesthetician and we think she is among the best in her craft. Lisa is a seasoned professional with ten years experience. She will do what she can to help guide you and educate you with the utmost care and consideration. Her skill and level of attention is recognized in all of her treatments. She is proud to be PCA certified. PCA "Physicians Care Alliance" products are top of the line, cruelty free, and earth friendly. PCA has more than 25 years of result-driven professional care and we are excited to share this with our facial clients.  

Katelyn Heywood



This full of zest Pisces is here for you. Katelyn has started her path to healing right here in Reno. Her whole world has opened up because of it. Massage and Reiki brings meaning and purpose to her soul. She is drawn to connection, releasing pain body energy, providing a safe place, is intuitive, has a nurturing touch and helps the body and mind to set at ease propelling resilience so people can function on the daily with more balance and peace. She is deeply passionate about everyone's self care journey and wants to be a part of it. Katelyn practices a range of modalities including, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Mixed Modality, Reiki and Chakra balancing. She understands the importance of injury recovery programs and is effective and delicate in this ongoing process. 

Katelyn is a momma to a toddler so her days off are always filled with love and adventure! She enjoys going to Reggae Festivals, spending days in Tahoe and going camping. Come see for yourself why we love her! 

Brenda Mortara



 Brenda's passion for massage comes from her recognition of how healing and revitalizing receiving massage has been in her own life. She believes that when we unwind from the busy pace of life, we have the opportunity to tap into a calm and quiet place within where self growth, awareness, and healing can take place. Brenda aims to meet people where they are, and offer the unique massage that their body needs and craves. Brenda also works as a licensed dietitian and a certified yoga instructor.   

Discover why our clients love Brenda!

Melissa Wiseman



Melissa's favorite massage to give is called Amna. A massage supporting a long life that follows the direction of the meridians through the body in order to balance the mind, body and spirit. Sore spots that show up in the body tend to cause congestion and compromised connective tissue. Melissa's technique focuses on helping to dissolve these areas of congestion in order to remind the body to heal itself. Whether it's a Deep Tissue to work out the kinks or a relaxing soft tissue massage, Melissa always tries to give the massage she hopes to receive. Her connections to her work stems from the belief that everyone needs regular touch in their life. 

Learn why our clients love Melissa!

Paige Tatem



Paige is excited to share the gift of massage with the people of our great community. Her love of massage stems from her belief that you are worth being taken care of. She knows the importance of reconnecting our bodies with our minds, and cultivating positive energy and balanced thoughts in this sometimes crazy, hectic world. Her goal with each session is to bring peace and rest to every client, along with focusing on specific needs. She is honored to be able to share her light to those around her through the beautiful art of massage and bodywork. Just as much as she holds a passion for healing, she holds an equal passion for the arts. She is involved with community theater, music, and writing. She is a firm believer in chasing the things that make you happy, and taking the time to breathe and heal everyday.

Tabitha Gardner



Tabitha’s spiritual calling is to use Shamanic Medicine to help people move through the human experience. She is a Shamanic Practitioner, who studied ancient Peruvian energy healing through The Four Winds Society. Her sessions help with healing trauma, reducing anxiety and depression, releasing the bonds of the past, and reframing how you see your life. Tabitha has had a private practice for five years and has helped many people move through their big life transitions. 

Find out more about her sessions on our Soul work menu.

This could be what you're missing.

Angela Schulz



Angela has immersed herself in the healing arts for 20 years now and is constantly inspired by the depths she has been blessed to explore. This includes world travels and studies through many diverse and cultural modalities. Every one of her sessions is a complete exploration of divine grace. As a facilitator for the true healer, You, she is able to intuitively combine the necessary modalities in each session for the nourishment of your life and well being. It is her privilege, honor and joy to be of service to you. On Angela's days off you will find her in the dance studio practicing healing dance modalities or teaching dance classes or off on an adventurous hike somewhere in nature replenishing her soul and spirit as to have more to share in her healing arts practice.

Alicia Evangelista




Alicia has been in the massage field for over a decade and is trained in many modalities including Reiki, cupping, Thai, and orthopedic just to name a few. She believes the highest level of healing happens when there is a deep connection with her clients. 

She loves to spend time with her family, make art, and travel as much as she can.