Reiki Session 45 Min / 60 Min $55 / $70

Client remains clothed and this treatment does not include massage. This session is solely a technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch to activate the natural healing process of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is deeply calming to the nervous system and relaxing to the body as a whole. Promotes balance.

Just a Touch of Reiki (Add On) $10

Reiki quickie! This service may be added onto any massage and will be integrated within your massage. This will not increase the duration of the massage it is added to.

Energy & Soul Work


Mini Soul Energy Session - 60 Min $95


This is for the person who is brand new to energy work and wants to try it without the 90 minute commitment. Dip your toe in, and see for yourself the benefits. This is also for the regular client here at SoulSpa who has had one or more 90 minute Soul Energy Sessions and just needs a 60 minute maintenance refresher! Performed at SoulSpa in a massage room, fully dressed. 

Soul Energy Session - 90 Min Session $135


Tabitha uses Peruvian Shamanic Medicine to guide you through a personal healing journey. She starts with a talk to understand how your story and how the emotions behind it fit into your soul’s journey. She brings you the spiritual wisdom and lessons that assist in repairing your energetic body. The session may include cord cutting, chakra clearing, dense energy extraction, and receiving messages from your guides and loved ones who have passed. When nothing else has worked, try a Soul Energy Session. Performed at SoulSpa in a massage room, fully dressed.  

Soul Retrieval - 120 Min Session $195


Tabitha uses a Peruvian Shamanic technique that can identify areas of wounds and old karmic contracts to be re-written. The soul retrieval starts to move your stagnant energy. To help you in this process, you will be presented with a spirit animal and a spirit gift to help identify the missing piece of your soul to be integrated back into your being. After the retrieval, you will feel rejuvenated and a renewed sense of hope and completeness. Performed at SoulSpa in a massage room, fully dressed.   

**One soul energy session is required before a soul retrieval will be scheduled.